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Protect Your Business With a Top-Quality Roof


You have a business to run. So, when you need roofing services, be sure to hire a commercial roofing contractor who can handle your needs quickly and properly. Business owners in the area choose Florida Legacy Roofing for all of their roofing repair, replacement and installation needs. We can install or work with any type of roofing material. Whether you need membrane roofing, metal roofing or shingle roofing, we have you covered.

Because we work in the government and military sectors of roofing and construction projects, we know what it takes to meet and beat project deadlines, address exceptions and adhere to safety practices. With a reputation for financial strength, honest workmanship and best-in-class products, we have become a trusted partner for military and government installations across Florida.

From new wall panels to standing seam metal, TPO and asphalt shingle roofing, we approach every project with the highest level of professionalism regardless of how simple or complex. Our focus on workplace safety and proven roofing and re-roofing solutions allow us to deliver some of the best services in the industry.



Install the best roof for your business


The roofing contractor at Florida Legacy Roofing has the experience and skills needed to install any type of roof on commercial buildings in the Florida market. We can even install traditional asphalt shingle roofing for businesses operating out of residential buildings.

Seeking a flat roof? We can install a variety of high-quality membrane roofing types such as:

  • Metal roofing

  • Single-ply TPO roofing

  • Single-ply PVC roofing

  • Modified bitumen roofing

Reach out to us to review your roofing material options.

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